Daily Reading – 27/09/14

Read this: great interactive map on several issues on climate change: whose affected, who contributed the most to cumulative CO2 emissions, who has the money etc. One thing stands out: the US has one of the highest CO2 emissions (both cumulative and current) and is least vulnerable. So what’s the incentive to change?


Still: the cost of not acting is substantial for the US; two great reports from respected sources. This article gives the background:


Comprehensive look at what China is doing (and not doing) on Climate Change:


Increasing CO2 makes a hidden hunger problem worse; Increasing CO2 concentrations in the air makes crops store less nutrients like zinc in themselves, making the nutrition problem worse for persons eating those crops. Particularly affected are people in developing countries who don’t take nutritional supplements. (Abstract only; full article worthwhile to buy if interested)


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