Action on climate change: Building solar panels on canals Sometimes solutions come along that are fiendishly clever in their elegance. This is one such. One of the big costs of implementing a solar power plant is the cost of land. This is particularly true in a country like india where land acquisition is fraught with politics and endless publicised fights between farmer, politician and [...]

Test results

Dear Students, Congratulations on finishing the class on climate change! I enjoyed teaching you and learned a lot in the process. After correcting the answer papers, there were two common errors, which I though I would address here. What is the most water-friendly form of protein? (Which source of protein takes the least amount of [...]

Action on Climate Change – Water – Janicki Bioenergy

Few people are brave enough to sip water from a sewage tank. But the world's richest man did it. A few weeks ago, Bill Gates drank a glass of water that came directly from sewage fed into Janicki Bioenergy's Omniprocessor. "The water tasted as good as any I’ve had out of a bottle. And having [...]

Action on climate change: Jadav Payeng – the forest Man

there is so much each of us can do, and some of us swing far above our weight. one such is Jadav Payeng. He's a poor farmer. One of those who typically fall in the category of "to be helped"; of whom little is expected. But enterprise is agnostic. Mr. Payeng noticed dead snakes lying [...]