Action on Climate Change – Net-Works

Problem: Discarded fishing nets are a major source of pollution of the reefs Solution: Community members are paid to collect fishing nets which are then recycled into carpet tiles and are a sustainable solution from an economic perspective

The fall of crude and the death of king coal

Something very unusual took place in 2014, that changed the course of the global economy. In June 2014, global oil prices began to fall. Brent Oil prices almost reached $115 in late June, and then began to fall precipitously. In early October 2014, with Brent prices about 20% lower at $90 per barrel, the PIRA [...]

Two glaring symptoms of global warming: Drought & Heatwaves

(Image from Time to spend money and attention on adaptation Price water. Please. We do not have the luxury to waste water on growing low-yielding rice varieties and sustaining 300 million cows & buffaloes. However, the current machinery extracts significant rent from crises. Emergencies give procedural checks and balances a go-bye making an already leaky [...]

Test results

Dear Students, Congratulations on finishing the class on climate change! I enjoyed teaching you and learned a lot in the process. After correcting the answer papers, there were two common errors, which I though I would address here. What is the most water-friendly form of protein? (Which source of protein takes the least amount of [...]

Action on Climate Change – Water – Janicki Bioenergy

Few people are brave enough to sip water from a sewage tank. But the world's richest man did it. A few weeks ago, Bill Gates drank a glass of water that came directly from sewage fed into Janicki Bioenergy's Omniprocessor. "The water tasted as good as any I’ve had out of a bottle. And having [...]

Impacts of Climate Change

Imagine 6 kids in a group with a cake to share. The ring leader is older, stronger and eats more of the cake. The others know that equality dictates they should get equal shares, or at least shares depending on their sizes but lack the strength to back up feeble words of protests. Now imagine [...]