India. Water. Do we have a problem? Yes. Can we something? Yes.

Ground water levels have been falling continuously in many parts of the country. The first question to ask is are we taking water from the groundwater (aquifer) in a safe way — in a way that allows it to recharge. In many parts of the country, the answer is “No”. The second question is the groundwater levels [...]

Milk and Water

The role of milk and its corollary, beef in the demand of water in India. There have been beef bans across the country in India. However, the appreciation of the fact that beef remains a natural corollary of milk is not forthcoming. Further, the pernicious role played by livestock in depleting groundwater resources in India [...]

The next set of articles on Climate Change

The climate change problem can be analysed using the prisoner's dilemma game. This is because there are winners as well as different types of losers in the warming world. My take: But Europe is doing something very interesting indeed to impact the outcome: Based on this, I believe action, quick and meaningful action on [...]

Impacts of Climate Change

Imagine 6 kids in a group with a cake to share. The ring leader is older, stronger and eats more of the cake. The others know that equality dictates they should get equal shares, or at least shares depending on their sizes but lack the strength to back up feeble words of protests. Now imagine [...]

Daily Reading – 27/09/14

Read this: great interactive map on several issues on climate change: whose affected, who contributed the most to cumulative CO2 emissions, who has the money etc. One thing stands out: the US has one of the highest CO2 emissions (both cumulative and current) and is least vulnerable. So what's the incentive to change? Still: [...]