How India lost the hydro-disciplining battle against Pakistan – the road from Partition, War, Drought and the signing of the Indus Water Treaty.

Why did India deactivate its own hydro-disciplining tool against Pakistan? Travel from Partition, through the Cold War, China's takeover of Tibet, Drought to the signing of the IWT.

The next set of articles on Climate Change

The climate change problem can be analysed using the prisoner's dilemma game. This is because there are winners as well as different types of losers in the warming world. My take: But Europe is doing something very interesting indeed to impact the outcome: Based on this, I believe action, quick and meaningful action on …

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Who caused climate change (and who should act)?

First, apologies for the long break. Source: Khalil Bendig, So, do we have a problem with a global warming? Pretty much everyone agrees that the world has warmed, and 97% of climate scientists agree that humans have caused it. Most of those also agree that it is going to get worse, and we should definitely …

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Daily Reading: 03/10/2014

Climate Change is a classic case of "Tragedy of the commons". Briefly, when a group of individuals (persons, companies, countries) have shared access to a common resource (think "air"), each person will behave in a manner that maximizes his return at the cost of the groups. In climate change, there's a twist. Developed nations who …

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Daily Reading – 30/09/14

Today let's explore what the world thinks of climate change: First, consider who is impacted by climate change: Now, let's look at what they think: In China: broadly believe climate change is ooccurring it is not good and the world as a whole should shoulder the responsibility of mitigation: In the US: The richer you …

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Daily Reading – 27/09/14

Read this: great interactive map on several issues on climate change: whose affected, who contributed the most to cumulative CO2 emissions, who has the money etc. One thing stands out: the US has one of the highest CO2 emissions (both cumulative and current) and is least vulnerable. So what's the incentive to change? Still: …

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