How to get voters to care about water?

A broken service to give the local politician a role, the importance of caste as a means of access, and the ensuing bribery to act as a lubricant. We have an equilibrium in place. Going deeper, lack of competition is one reason for the poor quality of services continuing. But it is not the only one. There is also the lack of data. Data needs to be unavailable, hard to access, or outdated.

Climate Change and India’s water

(A version of this appeared first in Firstpost on Sep 19, 2018) Undoubtedly, the water situation of India, which asks about a fifth of the world’s population to survive on less than 1/30th of the world’s water, is precarious. This is now. What about the future? India’s population is growing, getting wealthier, and, oh yes, …

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Plastic in Daily Life – Birthday Party edition

I was at a birthday party a few days ago. In a kid's party - getting away from plastic is hard. First, is the ubiquitous Flex - because it's cheap, light, quick-to-customize and the kid is super excited in seeing his/her face on it, it is de rigueur decoration at a party (or any event, …

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Plastic in Daily Life – Day 3

Today is Gandhi Jayanthi. The Mahatma said 'The Earth has enough to satisfy our needs but not our greed'. Being a holiday, it's usually a time to tidy forgotten corners. And what turns up. Used sketch pens. Lost-and-now found plastic caps. Medicine strips with no tablets inside. Cellophane wrappers of books. Used chapstick containers. And …

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Plastic in Daily Lives – Day 2

One of my pleasures (dare I say, rituals) in my everyday living is my tea. I'm looking at my tea tray, as I write and asking myself how much plastic is on it? To begin with, the tray is plastic. We used to have a wooden tray - but it stained too easily in the …

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Plastic in daily life

(I'm starting a blog post series on the plastic choices I've been oblivious to in my daily life - open thinking format/ suggestions welcome). The world is shouting "No Plastic" - surprisingly, this appears to be more than skin deep because I'm seeing small changes around me. More people are carrying reusable shopping bags. I …

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