Two glaring symptoms of global warming: Drought & Heatwaves

Girl Collecting water

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Time to spend money and attention on adaptation

Price water. Please. We do not have the luxury to waste water on growing low-yielding rice varieties and sustaining 300 million cows & buffaloes.

However, the current machinery extracts significant rent from crises. Emergencies give procedural checks and balances a go-bye making an already leaky system entirely porous.

Speaking for myself, living in 40C + weather daily. This is how it feels.

Morning walks are impossible unless one starts before 7 am. Stepping outside in the day, the first assault is of hot dry air on one’s cheeks. Then the sun hits the head. Even with head covered, tiresomeness sets in after a few minutes. Forget irritability, there is no energy to be angry. One feels parched. The fortunate have access to water.

What a hellish existence is it when in this heat, with no option but to work out in the sun people have little access to water.


Heat Wave

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