Dengue – What to Do?

In South India, the conversation seems to always turn to Dengue. The neighbourhood hospitals are overflowing with dengue cases, and sachets of Nila Vembu Kashayam (a herbal remedy against fevers) are being sent home, as per government instructions, in my 5-year-old’s homework diary. Offices and factories are reeling under a wave of absenteeism as workers [...]

Why we are the way we are?

So many of us give and receive inane advice. Things usually are the way they are for good reasons. It helps to understand why. A three part series on why India is the way it is - and how we can change it? The first part appeared in Firstpost on August 6th: Want to [...]

The fall of crude and the death of king coal

Something very unusual took place in 2014, that changed the course of the global economy. In June 2014, global oil prices began to fall. Brent Oil prices almost reached $115 in late June, and then began to fall precipitously. In early October 2014, with Brent prices about 20% lower at $90 per barrel, the PIRA [...]

Two glaring symptoms of global warming: Drought & Heatwaves

(Image from Time to spend money and attention on adaptation Price water. Please. We do not have the luxury to waste water on growing low-yielding rice varieties and sustaining 300 million cows & buffaloes. However, the current machinery extracts significant rent from crises. Emergencies give procedural checks and balances a go-bye making an already leaky [...]

Milk and Water

The role of milk and its corollary, beef in the demand of water in India. There have been beef bans across the country in India. However, the appreciation of the fact that beef remains a natural corollary of milk is not forthcoming. Further, the pernicious role played by livestock in depleting groundwater resources in India [...]

Food and Climate Change

While we hear so much about governmental policy action and technology in solving the climate change issue, we fail to appreciate the critical role played by our choices. Simple choices like what to eat, how to travel etc. This is particularly pertinent in developed countries where transportation and food habits contribute substantially to emissions and [...]

The next set of articles on Climate Change

The climate change problem can be analysed using the prisoner's dilemma game. This is because there are winners as well as different types of losers in the warming world. My take: But Europe is doing something very interesting indeed to impact the outcome: Based on this, I believe action, quick and meaningful action on [...]

Who caused climate change (and who should act)?

First, apologies for the long break. Source: Khalil Bendig, So, do we have a problem with a global warming? Pretty much everyone agrees that the world has warmed, and 97% of climate scientists agree that humans have caused it. Most of those also agree that it is going to get worse, and we should definitely [...]