Why action on flooding is less likely than an Indian GoT starring Rajinikanth?

We began this mini-series within the column by talking about the Gujarat and Assam floods. Major Catastrophes? Little more than a month ago, large parts of Gujarat and Assam had been inundated by water, and lakhs of people had been displaced. Between then and now, Bihar has been devastated by the floods. Parts of Bangalore [...]

Action on climate change: Building solar panels on canals

http://www.business-standard.com/article/reuters/india-builds-solar-plants-atop-canals-to-save-land-water-115011600609_1.html Sometimes solutions come along that are fiendishly clever in their elegance. This is one such. One of the big costs of implementing a solar power plant is the cost of land. This is particularly true in a country like india where land acquisition is fraught with politics and endless publicised fights between farmer, politician and [...]