Shifting India’s Water Ship Requires All Hands To Push.

India’s water ship is a mammoth ship – nudging it towards friendlier waters is not going to be easy.

We need the individual to change: to acknowledge water, and recognize what makes India’s water truly unique. This excerpt from the book that The Print carried, shows what that might look like. This is my story, on how I become water resilient at home and how that taught me that respecting water makes it a powerful ally.

How can communities act? Like they have done for so many centuries. Here the interview with CNN News18 covers why traditional technologies like tanks are so powerful, why they failed, and what can be done.

What can companies do? Indeed, the corporate angle becomes incredibly important because many are blissfully ignorant about the water and climate risks they face. And we need to get this piece right to provide the jobs India needs. This aspect was covered in the interview with CNBC TV18.

An important tool to build resilience is policy. I’ve kept this last because we, the people, vote politicians to power. And SCI found that many of us don’t consider water while voting. Given this, and given India’s water diversity, decentralized policy may be more pragmatic. My interview with The Print covers this angle.

It’s been a busy week. And thank you so much for all the support. I’m truly grateful.

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