Plastic in Daily Life – Day 3

Photograph of a photograph – editing our possessions is one big lesson the Mahatma left for us. Kirti Mandir, Porbandar, Gujarat (Photo by author)

Today is Gandhi Jayanthi. The Mahatma said ‘The Earth has enough to satisfy our needs but not our greed’.


Being a holiday, it’s usually a time to tidy forgotten corners. And what turns up. Used sketch pens. Lost-and-now found plastic caps. Medicine strips with no tablets inside. Cellophane wrappers of books. Used chapstick containers. And so much more. The pharmaceutical industry in one which generates a fair bit of difficult-to-recycle plastic and hazardous waste. Uniform enforcement of EPR, or Extended Producer Responsibility, is key to managing the waste.


I also unearthed an  glamour/fashion magazine wrapped up in glossy cellophane and advertising products with an unconscionable amount of single use plastic packaging. Being a customer-facing or a B2C industry, the change to eliminating or redesigning packaging with happen only if customers demand it.


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