The fall of crude and the death of king coal

Something very unusual took place in 2014, that changed the course of the global economy. In June 2014, global oil prices began to fall. Brent Oil prices almost reached $115 in late June, and then began to fall precipitously. In early October 2014, with Brent prices about 20% lower at $90 per barrel, the PIRA [...]

Two glaring symptoms of global warming: Drought & Heatwaves

(Image from Time to spend money and attention on adaptation Price water. Please. We do not have the luxury to waste water on growing low-yielding rice varieties and sustaining 300 million cows & buffaloes. However, the current machinery extracts significant rent from crises. Emergencies give procedural checks and balances a go-bye making an already leaky [...]

Positive Development: Dengue Vaccine

What Why is this important (Image Source: Now we come to the indirect health impacts of climate systems. Such as the impacts on mosquito-borne diseases. This brings us to Dengue. So why talk about dengue? Dengue incidence has sky-rocketed in India. Dengue is caused by a virus carried within an Aedes mosquito. [...]

Conclusion – Article Series Summary

All Good Things… We now come to the conclusion of the series - our exploration of what climate change is, what it will mean for India and importantly, what we can do. Climate change is much more than a 1°C increase in temperature. A consistently warmer temperature fundamentally alters the way air holds moisture: warmer [...]

Transport and the Climate

Happy to share the next set of articles that deals with how we move and it's impact on the climate: We start with a general overview of why care and how big an impact transport has on the climate We then moved on the how, given the world is becoming increasingly urban, we should [...]

Milk and Water

The role of milk and its corollary, beef in the demand of water in India. There have been beef bans across the country in India. However, the appreciation of the fact that beef remains a natural corollary of milk is not forthcoming. Further, the pernicious role played by livestock in depleting groundwater resources in India [...]

Food and Climate Change

While we hear so much about governmental policy action and technology in solving the climate change issue, we fail to appreciate the critical role played by our choices. Simple choices like what to eat, how to travel etc. This is particularly pertinent in developed countries where transportation and food habits contribute substantially to emissions and [...]